Vinegar Joe Album Promotion Winter 1971

Vinegar Joe Album Promotion Winter 1971

Having now established myself on the " musicians circuit " the phone rang and Pete Gage asked if was available to tour the UK to promote the new Vinegar Joe album.

Their bass player Steve York had fallen out with the band and so I stepped in.

I must say Steve was a super player and those were indeed " big shoes " to fill.

No problem, this was not a " drugs band " but an " ego band " so I agreed.

Pete was married to Elkie Brooks who was very well known throughout the music industry.

Robert " snake hips " Palmer was lesser known at that time, but as rock history unfolded he was to become a super star in his own right.

We shared "digs" together on the tour and got on very well.

November 6th 1971 we played at Manchester Town Hall. There was a power failure and both Elkie and Roberts mike's packed up.

I stepped in and sang " raindrops keep falling on my head " as a spoof fill-in while the sound engineers sorted the technical problems.

My actions earned me the knick name " Sasha "

( Distell )

Steve York decided that he would like to re join the band and so they all " made up" and I became, not for the first time, unemployed.

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