Graham Bond with Magick 1971

Graham Bond with Magick 1971

One of the West African percussionist with LFR was a named Gasper Lawal.

As I recall Graham was in the Philips recording studios ( Vertigo label ) putting down some tracks.
Gasper invited me along as Graham didn't have a bass player at this time.

As Graham and I both needed the " facilities " at the same moment, this was when he invited me to join his new band Magick, make an album and tour the UK & France to promote it.

Graham Bond Organisation saw all the greats play in his group. Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton.

To step into those " hallowed " shoes was a great honour and I felt like I was playing in a band with " God ".Sadly this was not the case.

Magick was not a band that occasional took recreational drugs, this was a " Drugs Band " that occasionally played music.

I have used the quote that I heard Ozzy Osborn make in an interview a couple of years ago about Black Sabbath.

Amazingly the Graham's album was not too bad, all things considered, and we set off on the Magick Tour.

Graham Bond with Magick 2010

Twelve Gates to the City

The Olympia, Paris was to be the highlight of six months touring and promoting Magick.

A super American Band called " the Flock " were the headliners and we were second top.

All went well at the rehearsal in the afternoon, a little too well. Graham and the drummer Pugwash decided to have a "cognac drinking competition" to pass away the rest of the afternoon before our " spot " at 9pm.It must have been a dead heat as neither Graham nor Pugwash turned up at all!!

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