Ray Russell Running Man 1971 “Original acetate on CD”

Ray Russell Running Man 1971 “Original acetate on CD”

Ray Russell guitar / vocals

Alan Rushton drums

Gary Windo tenor sax

Alan Claire vocals

Terry Poole bass guitar / vocals

I managed to find a very small flat on Kingsland High Street Dalston Junction Hackney North London for £5 per week. Believe me that was too much money even in those days!!

I can't remember exactly how or when I met Ray but he was living in Grandison Road SW11.

In those times there were very few yellow lines and so we were able to drive around London very quickly and easily with little threats of parking tickets.

Running Man made countless " demos " throughout the time we worked together.

Innumerable radio broadcasts for avant-garde channels including the "BBC World Service "

One unenlightened controller at the BBC banned us from playing live on radio 4.

Running Man

Banned from the BBC

"Truly a great honour."

One of our live gigs was at Winchester School of Art organised by Mike Von-Joel a student at this illustrious academy and a great fan of Ray's.

(Mike is "mentioned in dispatches" at the end of my biopsy.)

An altercation ( so Mike reminds me ) between Alan Rushton, a burly student, and Alan's beautiful girlfriend, ended in a lot of " pushing and shoving " and Alan escaping.

Running Man

by name and by nature!!!!

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